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Samidha Welfare Foundation provide a helping hands to every girl child from unprivileged family. A trusted NGO with a beautiful vision to support girl child who does not have access to basic necessities of life and Quality education which is right of every child to stand out in future and make a living for themselves.Dedicated to work for the overall improvement of girls including education, sanitation, health, income generation


A smile is what Samidha welfare foundation is looking to achieve. Smile is the end goal for our foundation. If all our girls in the end are happy with achieving their dreams. Our mission will be success to the edge. As our goal is to provide all the basic necessities, education plus the dreams every girl wants to pursue.


Samidha welfare foundation aims in providing support to every girl child basic life needs and shaping their career in future. At Samidha Welfare Foundation we empowering every girl and believes that education is the only path through which girl can fulfill all their dreams. Either in any of the field they want to precure the career, Samidha welfare foundation will help to pursue all of their dreams.





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