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Samidha welfare foundation takes a step ahead to teach girls about the importance of plants

An Initiative to teach girls about Importance of plants in our Life. Samidha welfare foundation take a step ahead to teach girls about the plants importance that why they are so important to our life.

Samidha welfare foundation on 20th October 2021 celebrated an event of organic plantation with girls and teaching them how to do gardening with basics.

Making it fun and exciting when our girls realize how interesting and they are more planning to involve as the fun factor increases in the gardening activity.

Starting the gardening event: –

An important part to start the gardening is to have the right tools and also the proper usage of them with safety because it can hurt backwards leading to injury.

Guiding the girls with the importance of Gardening as Samidha Welfare Foundation take this step of teaching that how to do gardening organically and further nurture and care the plants. This step thought the girls how to grow and take care of each other independently.

As providing a brief guidance about how plants grow and how to nurture them is a responsibility that one has to take. Samidha Welfare Girls are ready for these responsibilities of life and take a step further to grow inner self as the plant grow slowly and slowly with nurturing.

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