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Giving Wings to Dreams

Samidha welfare foundation helps to fulfil the dreams of every girl. What she wants to be in future. We provide wings to each and every girl child so that she can stand alone in future and face the world by self. This could be only possible by sharpening the inner talent of each and every girl.

As we know every child is special and has inner talent. A proper direction or path is a must to achieve that goal. All parents or Guardian of their child play that role undoubtedly well. We at Samidha welfare foundation will fulfil all that dreams of every girl that do not have support of any Guardian.

Bringing Smile

A smile is what Samidha welfare foundation is looking to achieve. Smile is the end goal for our foundation. If all our girls in the end are happy with achieving their dreams. Our mission will be success to the edge. As our goal is to provide all the basic necessities, education plus the dreams every girl wants to pursue.  

Unique Talent Support

We at Samidha welfare foundation helps to find unique talent. Helping to find the inner talent which is supported further so that girl child can live up to the dream.



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