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A step taken towards nurturing the inner talent of girls in field of Yoga

A step taken towards nurturing the inner talent of girls in field of Yoga

Samidha welfare always takes an initiative of nurturing the inner talent of girls. As the Yoga is a peaceful start taken towards teaching the girls shaping their hidden talent.

Samidha welfare girls are already talented just they need a push to achieve their dreams in future. One of the girls is already holding certification in yoga. Support that all needs to give shape to the future of the girls.

 One of the questions Samidha Welfare Foundation always ask that how to benefits the girls with Yoga it’s a good question. once you’ve seen how yoga has strengthened your body and calmed your mind, naturally you want to bestow those boons upon your brood to help them stay healthy, cope with stress, and cultivate inner strength. Toolin, whose teaching incorporates a full spectrum of practices, including asana, meditation, mantra, and pranayama, taught yoga to children for six years and has two teenagers of her own. She says that teaching your kids about yoga is not just about imitating animals with asanas, but about creating a sanctuary that’s sustainable over time.

“Samidha welfare foundation is providing a service that goes beyond hugs and housing,” Karishma Sethi says. “We’re actually helping Girls develop a skill set that is going to build their character and build their ability to make decisions appropriately.”

Samidha Welfare Foundation introduce yoga to our Girls is through a regular kids’ yoga class. Motivating the inner talent of the girls to boost their inner self. Offering our Girls, a meaningful experience of yoga, to do is make it a part of your home life.

Karishma Sethi, operation Head of the Samidha Welfare Foundation in Gurgaon, met the teacher, Personally, she noticed that the legendary yogi didn’t practice behind closed doors; he practiced out in the open, like a Family.

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